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Foundation of IPRH

Research in homeopathy has always been a challenge for everyone, be it a researcher or a layman. Issues like complex nature of ultra-high dilutions, homeopathic philosophy, lack of research orientation, inadequate research literacy, lack of funds, poor motivation, skepticism etc., have always discouraged many from undertaking research. The magnitude of existing research is considered insufficient, especially when compared to conventional research. Despite presence of thousands of studies, research work in homeopathy is either not quoted or insufficiently understood or both.  The Initiative to Promote Research in Homeopathy (IPRH) was founded in March 2011 by Dr. Saurav Arora to pursue the passion for dissemination of homeopathic research in a methodical way. Initially, it was founded, formalized and presented as www.audesapere.in, which is now running as www.researchinhomeopathy.org.

IPRH was founded keeping in mind that we may overcome most of the obstacles by sharing knowledge, expertise, and resources. It was started with the aim of to promote research amongst every segment of the community, to enhance research awareness, disseminate scientific research, exchange information and extend help in undertaking research in homeopathy.

All these years, despite highs and lows, IPRH followed the core principle – Aude Sapere – “Dare to be Wise.” Today, this concept is well accepted as evident from the increasing numbers of subscriptions and collaborations with individuals and associations.

IPRH runs on the philosophy of liberal exchange of scientific knowledge and expertise.

Some of the key objectives of IPRH are:

  • Promotion of research education and sensitizing people about Research Literacy, Understanding, and Expertise.
  • Exchange of knowledge, expertise and resources.
  • Capacity building by organizing CMEs/Seminars/Workshops for persons desirous of undertaking research in homeopathy.
  • Formulation and maintenance of knowledge databases e.g Database of Scientific Publications in Homeopathy.
  • Identification of Priority Areas of Research in Homeopathy.
  • Collaboration with institutions, organizations and individuals for undertaking research in homeopathy.
  • Formulation of generic protocols for clinicians.
  • Development of guidelines/resources/handy information about research.
  • Extending help for undertaking research in homeopathy.


Write at info@researchinhomeopathy.org for more information.

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