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For Those Who Use Nux vomica in Their Clinical Practice

Strychnos Nux-vomica: A Poisonous Plant with Various Aspects of Therapeutic Significance Nux vomica (or Strychnos Nux vomica (Family: Loganiaceae)) is a poisonous plant, commonly used in various medical systems such as traditional Chinese and Indian systems of medicine, and Homeopathy.  Despite being poisonous it is commonly used for treating diseases such as paralytic and neuralgic […]

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To Those Who Demand Scientific Evidences for Homeopathy

Reproduced with permission from the original text* of Marcus Zulian Teixeira, MD, BC Homeopathy; PhD, Medical Sciences; Professor of “Fundamentals of Homeopathy”, School of Medicine, University of São Paulo; Member of Technical Chamber for Homeopathy, Regional Medical Council of the State of São Paulo (CREMESP, Brazil). Upon discussing homeopathy in various settings, we often find that people react […]

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Abstract Book-Nanotechnology: From Materials to Medicines and Their Social Impact

This abstract book is the official compendium of the abstracts of the presentations given during the One Day National Symposium on Nanotechnology: From Materials to Medicines and Their Social Impact at Birla Industrial and Technological Museum, Kolkata on 25 March 2017. READ ONLINE DOWNLOAD

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Latest Issue of High Dilution and Research Updates

International Journal of High Dilution Research The latest issue of International Journal of High Dilution Research  (Volume 14 Issue 3) features the following articles: Nature, Biological Action and Standardization of Ultra-high Dilutions [Editorial]. Download Link: ​An evaluation of Avogadro’s number in the light of HRTEM and EDS studies of high dilutions of Ferrum metallicum 6, […]

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A Compendium of Abstracts of Studies on Extracts, Homeopathy, and High dilution!

For decades, there is a war amongst homeopathy and skeptics! Numerous studies have been undertaken which confirms the efficacy of high dilutions and homeopathy, but due to lack of repositories and awareness, many of them go unnoticed. There is a need to preserve such studies. The Initiative to Promote Research in Homeopathy has taken a […]


Compendium of Open Access Articles Published in IJHDR|2008-2014

International Journal of High Dilution Research (IJHDR or commonly known as High Dilution) has served as an important platform for the divulgation of research in the field of high dilution and homeopathy since its foundation in 2008. It is an invaluable resource for researchers, academicians and clinicians being the first open-access, peer-reviewed, online journal specialized […]

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Research Sensitization Workshop – E Souvenir

A research sensitization workshop was organized by Baroda Homoeopathic Medical College, Gujarat, India with Dr. Saurav Arora for creating awareness amongst participants, on 26th December 2014 at SSG Medical Hall, Vadodara, Gujarat, India. The workshop received a positive response from fraternity and was attended by more than 900 participants, including interns, MD students, clinicians, academicians […]

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Case Record Format for Thyroid Disorders – DRAFTT – PDF Format

A while ago, the Data Record & Assessment Form For Treated Thyroid Disorders (DRAFTT) – Beta Version was publish online. The aim of this Record and Assessment form is to data collect analysis of cases of thyroid disorders treated homeopathically. The data provided by contributors will be periodically assessed to reach to a common consensus, […]