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The Quick Research Byte by IPRH aims to provide a quick and authentic overview of latest in research in homeopathy.

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Nanoparticles in Homeopathy – Recent Research Shows Hormetic Activation with High Dilutions

In the year 2010 Prof. P.S Chikrammane, Prof. Jayesh Bellare and team published one of the highly acclaimed papers on nano particles[i] – The nanoparticulate hypothesis. The work concluded that the nano particles are presented even at dilution more than Avogadro’s limit, which may be one the mode of actions of homeopathic medicine in human […]

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For Those Who Use Nux vomica in Their Clinical Practice

Strychnos Nux-vomica: A Poisonous Plant with Various Aspects of Therapeutic Significance Nux vomica (or Strychnos Nux vomica (Family: Loganiaceae)) is a poisonous plant, commonly used in various medical systems such as traditional Chinese and Indian systems of medicine, and Homeopathy.  Despite being poisonous it is commonly used for treating diseases such as paralytic and neuralgic […]

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Homeopathy-Phosphorus and Cardiac Protection

Homeopathically prepared Phosphorus represents a constitutional and multi-system affecting remedy. It plays a vital role in various clinical and pathological conditions including action on the heart. Considered one of the best polychrests, it is a must part of every physician’s chest box. Phosphorus has been extensively studied from the clinical point of view, as evident from […]

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Is it the Breakthrough in Homeopathy We Have Been Waiting For? – Magnetic Photons and Homeopathic Modus Operandi?

A recent paper by Lenger Karin, Institute for Scientific Homeopathy, Offenbach D-63065, Germany titled, “Homeopathy—A Regulation Therapy Healing Hypo- or Hyper-functions of Pathological Pathways by Magnetic Photons according to the Resonance Principle” published in Journal of Life Sciences 11 (2017) 53-64; doi: 10.17265/1934-7391/2017.02.001 claims an important finding for the most burning question of century – the Modus Operandi of […]

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Homeopathy as Antimalarial: A review

We are in dire need of an effective therapeutic for #Malaria. Till date #Malaria is still counted as one of the most deadly infectious disease. Amidst parasitic resistance and need of an effective therapies there have been various modes of treatments used for it. Homeopathy is one of the most common alternative systems of medicine […]

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The Sweet Sugar Pills Retains the Information

The “Sugar Pills” Retains the “Info”! Excerpts of the study by Klein SD, et al. Complement Ther Med. 2016. Comparison of homeopathic globules prepared from high and ultra-high dilutions of various starting materials by ultraviolet light spectroscopy. The globules were produced from 6 starting material. Globules were dissolved in ultrapure water, and absorbance in the […]