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2016Homeopathy105(2):129-30PCR, pre-sensitisation and polycrystalsLink
2016Int J High Dilution Res15(2):1Spectroscopic profiles of ultrahigh and additional agitated homeopathic dilutions PDF
2016Int J High Dilution Res15(3):1Spectroscopic, Dielectric Dispersion and Quantum Electrodynamical view point of Ultrahigh Dilutions PDF
2016Homeopathy105(3):211-16The publication in Homeopathy of studies involving animal experimentationLink
2016Homeopathy105(1):2HRI Rome 2015 – Homeopathy research gathers momentumLink
2016Homeopathy105(3):209-10Is quantum entanglement in homeopathy a reality?Link
2016Int J High Dilution Res15(1):1The structural spectra of high dilutions and their unconventional application PDF
2015Homeopathy104(1):1-2Animals and memoryLink
2015Homeopathy104(2):67-68Homeopathy, hormesis, nanoparticles and nanostructuresLink
2015Homeopathy104(3):161-62The qualities of homeopathyLink
2015Homeopathy104(4):221-22Ultra High Dilution – Physiology and Physics comes of ageLink
2015Int J High Dilution Res14(4):1Potency, Action, Standardization, and Debate – The High Dilution Way PDF
2015Int J High Dilution Res14(3):1-2Nature, Biological Action and Standardization of Ultra-high Dilutions PDF
2015Int J High Dilution Res14(2):1-2Proceedings of the XXIX GIRI meeting PDF
2015Int J High Dilution Res14(1):1-3High dilutions and homeopathy PDF
2014Int J High Dilution Res13(48):144EditorialPDF
2014Homeopathy103(3):163-134Malaria in pregnancy and irritable bowel syndromeLink
2014Int J High Dilution Res13(47):83Transition under wayPDF
2014Homeopathy103(2):95-96Homeopathy and antimicrobial resistanceLink
2014Homeopathy103(4):217-18Knowing what we are talking about: The CORE-Hom database on clinical research in homeopathy is an important advanceLink
2014Homeopathy103(1):3Homeopathy Research Institute conference in Barcelona: the first event of its kind in a decadeLink
2014Homeopathy103(1):1-2Homeopathic pathogenetic trials and provings: the need for harmonized guidelinesLink
2014Int J High Dilution Res13(49):187A long way to goPDF
2014Int J High Dilution Res13(46):1-2Homeopathy, ethics and environment: a systemic approach PDF
2013Int J High Dilution Res12(42): 1Transition timePDF
2013Int J High Dilution Res12(45):161IJHDR´s expectations for 2014PDF
2013Homeopathy102(3):231-32Fish farming and immunomodulationLink
2013Hom120(2):85-86Local, entangled or both?Link
2013The Journal of Men's Health and Gender. 3(2): 125-127Homeopathy: Fantasy or reality?Link
2013Hom102(1):1-2Highland amphibians and high potencies: a 20-year metamorphosisLink
2013Int J High Dilution Res12(44):77-78New impetus in research on high dilutions and homeopathic remediesPDF
2013Homeopathy102(3):157-159Phenomenology, pathography, and the concept of illnessLink
2013Int J High Dilution Res12(43): 40-40Globalized researchPDF
2012Homeopathy101(2):81-83Catching Sunbeams: reflecting the living dynamic in our data setsLink
2012Homeopathy101(1):3Homeopathy for acute otitis media—time for a definitive trialLink
2012Homeopathy101(4):193-94Dentistry, veterinary medicine and outcomesLink
2012Int J High Dilution Res11(38): 01-02The uncomfortable comfort zonePDF
2012Int J High Dilution Res11(40): 107-109Homeopathy and the science of high dilutions: when to believe the unbelievablePDF
2012Int J High Dilution Res11(39): 43-44Science is humanPDF
2012Int J High Dilution Res11(41): 215-215Taking a deep breathPDF
2012Homeopathy101(3):139-40Animal models of homeopathic treatmentLink
2011Homeopathy100(4):201-02The diversity of endeavour in HomeopathyLink
2011Homeopathy100(1-2):1-4100 years of HomeopathyLink
2011Int J High Dilution Res10(35):65-65Storm after the calm!PDF
2011Int J High Dilution Res10(34):01-03Joining efforts to destroy a mighty empire: the Delphic oracle reloaded!PDF
2011Int J High Dilution Res10(36):95-96Good winds are expected!PDF
2011Int J High Dilution Res10(37): 294-296Experimental trendsPDF
2011Homeopathy100(3):107-08Molecules and nanoparticles in extreme homeopathic dilutions: is Avogadro’s Constant a dogma?Link
2010Int J High Dilution Res9(32): 90-93First Edition of Hahnemann’s Organon: Celebrating its 200th AnniversaryPDF
2010Int J High Dilution Res9(31): 58-60Similarities among differences!PDF
2010Homeopathy99(4):229-30Do serial dilutions really dilute?Link
2010Homeopathy99(2):89Quasi-quantum phenomena and homeopathyLink
2010Homeopathy99(1):1-2More biological models and randomised clinical trialsLink
2010Homeopathy99(3):153-55Prophylaxis against Leptospirosis using a nosode: Can this large cohort study serve as a model for future replications?Link
2010Int J High Dilution Res9(30):1-2“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who in the land is the wisest of all?"PDF
2010Int J High Dilution Res9(33): 125-127We don’t need another hero!PDF
2009Int J High Dilution Res8(26):1-2The high dilution phenomenon, yours to discover!PDF
2009Homeopathy98(1):1Improving homeopathic prescribingLink
2009Homeopathy98(4):183-85Biological models of homeopathyLink
2009Int J High Dilution Res8(28):80-81Where are we going to?PDF
2009Int J High Dilution Res8(27): 40-40Back to the futurePDF
2009Int J High Dilution Res8(29):144-145Place your bets!PDF
2009Homeopathy98(2):75-76The singer, the song, or both?Link
2009Homeopathy98(3):135-36Thinking out of the national box: what is there to learn?Link
2008Homeopathy97(3):111-12The electrical properties of high dilutionsLink
2008Int J High Dilution Res7(23): 46-7To unite to be freePDF
2008Int J High Dilution Res7(24):120-121Olympic ResearcherPDF
2008Int J High Dilution Res7(25): 164-164Supporting the HD SciencePDF
2008Acta Dermato-Venereologica89(2):182-183Homeopathic Treatment of Children with Atopic Eczema: A Prospective Observational Study with
Two Years Follow-up
2008Int J High Dilution Res7(22):1-2Publishing: why and whom to?PDF
2008Homeopathy97(2):57-58Chagas disease: an old disease in need of new therapiesLink
2008Homeopathy97(4):167-68Bayes, bias and plausibilityLink
2008Homeopathy97(1):1-2On the plausibility of HomeopathyLink
2007Homeopathy96(4):231-32Thoughts on Homeopathic Drug ProvingsLink
2007Homeopathy96(2):72-73What do homeopathic dentists do?Link
2007Homeopathy96(2):71The complexities of homeopathic prescribing or how do we decide to do what we do?Link
2007Homeopathy96(1):3The diversity of veterinary homeopathyLink
2007Homeopathy96(3):141-42The Memory of Water: a scientific heresy?Link
2007Homeopathy96(1):1-2Finally, some light on the ‘Pillar of Homeopathy’Link
2006Homeopathy95(3):119-20Treatment of hyperactive children: Increased efficiency through modifications of homeopathic diagnostic procedureLink
2006Homeopathy95(2):65-67The Relationship between allergy and homeopathy: a frameworkLink
2006Homeopathy95(1):1-2Changing realityLink
2006Homeopathy95(3):121-122Q/LM potencies: Historical reasons for the long delay in their recognitionLink
2006Homeopathy95(2):197-98Specific effects of homeopathy: The challenge of explanatory researchLink
2005Homeopathy94(4):213-14More to the paper on ‘Homeopathy in Sepsis in ICU’ than meets the eyeLink
2005Homeopathy94(2):73Research development in homeopathy: a question of methods and prioritiesLink
2005Homeopathy94(1):1-2The cost-effectiveness of homeopathy: the perspective of a scientist and motherLink
2005Homeopathy94(3):141-44Depression research in homeopathy: Hopeless or hopeful?Link
2004Homeopathy93(4):171-72Entangled, or tied in knots?Link
2004Homeopathy93(1):65-66Miasms and modern pathologyLink
2004Homeopathy93(1):1-2Clinical research in homeopathy: randomised, controlled or outcome studies?Link
2004Homeopathy93(3):119Homeopathy and dental caries: implications for dental practice and veterinary researchLink
2004Homeopathy93(3):117-118The nuts and bolts of homeopathy

2003Homeopathy92(4):175-76Arnica and inductionLink
92(3):129-130Plant models for fundamental research in homeopathyLink
92(3):127-128Menopause research: an opportunity for complementary collaborationsLink
92(2):65-66A rose is a metaphor is a remedyLink
2003Homeopathy92(1):1-2How does homeopathy work: are we looking in the right place?Link
2002Homeopathy91(2):61-62Reinventing vitalismLink
2001Homeopathy91(1):1-2The case for Cases: Publishing high-quality case reports in HomeopathyLink
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