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Year JournalVol-PgTitleDetails/ KeywordsLink
2018Homeopathy107(01): 040-044Homeopathic Dilutions, Hahnemann Principles, and the Solvent Issue: Must We Address Ethanol as a “Homeopathic” or a “Chemical” Issue?ethanol, homeopathy, nanobubbles, experimental approachLink
2017Homeopathy 106(4): 250 - 259 Private and institutionalised patients' use of homeopathy in the early nineteenth centuryHomeopathy, Early patients, 19th century, Private practice, Hospital careLink
2016J Bioeth Inq13(1):21-5A Not-So-Gentle Refutation of the Defence of HomeopathyEvidence-based medicine (EBM); Homeopathy; Medical ethicsLink
2014Journal of Medicine and the PersonsDOI: 10.1007/s12682 -014 -0197 -y”)Homeopathy: From tradition to science?Homeopathy, ultra high dilution, ethicsPDF
2014J Bioeth Inq.Jul 19.A Gentle Ethical Defence of Homeopathy.BioethicsLink
2014Homeopathy103(2):153-159New approaches within the history and theory of medicine and their relevance for homeopathyLink
2014Homeopathy103(03): 208 -212Hahnemann and placeboHahnemann; History of homeopathy; PlaceboLink
2014J Med Life15;7(3):381-6.Secret lanthanidesautoimmune diseases; element theory; homoeopathy; lanthanides; periodic table of the elementsLink
2014Journal of Medicine and the PersonsDOI 10.1007/s12682-014-0198-xHomeopathy and integrative medicine: keeping an open mindComplementary medicine  Integrative
medicine  Homeopathy  History of medicine 
Physician—patient relationship  Evidence in medicine
2014J Med Biogr2014 Mar 27The four medical theses of Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843).Biography of HahnemannLink
2012Homeopathy101(2):129-37The science of high dilutions in historical context.Homeopathic dilutions historyLink
2010Homeopathy99(4):271-7200 years Organon of Medicine - A comparative review of its six editions (1810-1842).Organon of MedicineLink
2007Med Ges Gesch25:181-227.[History of homeopathy in Franconia].History of homeopathyLink
1999Med Ges Gesch18:137-48.[Expulsion from Leipzig? Hahnemann's medical praxis in Leipzig: reasons for transferring to Kothen in 1821 - frequency of patients and polemics].Practice of Hahnmann in LeipzigLink

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