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2017Homeopathy106(2): 69 – 78Prevalence of homeopathy use by the general population worldwide: a systematic reviewSystematic review; Prevalence; Homeopathy; Treatment by homeopaths; Homeopathic medicines; Over-the-counter medicines; WorldwideLink
2017Homeopathy106(1): 11 – 17The characteristics, experiences and perceptions of homeopaths in New Zealand: results from a national survey of practitionersHomeopaths; National survey; New Zealand; Practice characteristics; Integrative practice; Referrals; RegistrationLink
2016J Evid Based Complementary Altern Med21(1):39-47.Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice Related to Diabetes Mellitus Among Diabetics and Nondiabetics Visiting Homeopathic Hospitals in West Bengal, IndiaDiabetes MellitusLink
2016J Tradit Complement Med.6(1):72-7Patient-Assessed Chronic Illness Care (PACIC) scenario in an Indian homeopathic hospitalChronic Illness CareLink
2016Homeopathy15(2): 180-85What do homeopathic doctors think of vaccines? An international online survey. VaccineLink
2016Glob Pediatr HealthJul 1;3:2333794X15625409Usage and Attitudes Towards Natural Remedies and Homeopathy in General Pediatrics: A Cross-Country Overview.Link
2016Homeopathy15(3): 233-39Survey on hand gestures relevance in patient practitioner communication: a homeopathic examplepatient practitioner communicationLink
2016Explore (NY). 12(3):180-7. Attitudes, Knowledge, Use, and Recommendation of Complementary and Alternative Medicine by Health Professionals in Western Mexico.Link
2015J Evid Based Complementary Altern Med21(1):39-47Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice Related to Diabetes Mellitus Among Diabetics and Nondiabetics Visiting Homeopathic Hospitals in West Bengal, IndiaLink
2015Int J of High Dilution Res14(4):38-53-75Attitudes towards and use of homoeoprophylaxis: findings of two international surveyshomeoprophylaxisPDF
2015FACT20(1):23-31Patient evaluation of service quality in government
homeopathic hospitals in West Bengal, India:
a cross-sectional survey
2015Homeopathy104(3):176-81The homeopathic choice for children: a qualitative research on the decision making process of the families. Patient choice, Children, Homeopathy, Decision making process, Conflicts between parentsLink
2015Int J of High Dilution Res14(4):54-603. Examination regarding the tolerability of the homochord Acidum L(+)-lacticum at a dosage of sixty drops three times daily. DosagePDF
2015Journal of Traditional and Complementary MedicinePatients' preference for integrating homeopathy (PPIH) within the standard therapy settings in West Bengal, India: The part 1 (PPIH-1) studyLink
2014Iran J Nurs Midwifery Res. 19(5):496-502.Homeopathy satisfaction in IranLink
2014J Evid Based Complementary Altern Med19(4):247-52Access to and utilization of the health services among the patients in a government homeopathic hospital in West Bengal, India: a cross-sectional studyLink
2014FACT19(3):119-125Knowledge and attitudes towards homeopathic research: the
perspective of new graduates and postgraduate trainees – an
Indian scenario
2013IJHDR12(43):52-61Evaluation of patient satisfaction in a Government Homeopathic Hospital in West Bengal, IndiaPatient SatisfactionPDF
2013IJHDR12(45):178-89Self-medication tendencies of patients visiting out-patient departments of Government homoeopathic medical colleges and hospitals in West Bengal, IndiaSelf medication trendPDF
2013IJHDR12(43):62-76A survey on perception of homoeopathic
undergraduate students towards learning environment in an Indian scenario
2012Hom101(3):175-181Characteristics of visitors to practitioners of homeopathy in a large adult Norwegian population (the HUNT 3 study)Visitors to homeopathsLink
2011IJHDR10(36):289-29Preliminary Evaluation of the teaching of Homeopathy in undergraduate Pharmacy Courses in Brazilian states Paraná and Santa CatarinaEducationPDF
2011IJHDR10(36):283-285Conceptions of homeopathy teaching in the faculties of pharmacy in the State of Rio de JaneiroEducationPDF
2011Hom100(4):212-219Measuring the effectiveness of homeopathic care through objective and shared indicatorsEffectiveness of homeopathyLink
2011IJHDR10(36):286-288The evaluation of the relevance of teaching of homeopathy at the medical schoolEducationPDF
2011IJHDR10(36):220-221Pharmaceutical care in medical homeopathic service in public health in Jundiaí (SP), BrazilPharmaceutical carePDF
2011IJHDR10(36):229-230Analysis of the pharmaceutical care activities practiced by private homeopathic pharmacies located in Rio de Janeiro North ZonePharmaceutical carePDF
2009Hom98(1):2-10Cost–benefit evaluation of homeopathic versus conventional therapy in respiratory diseasesCost effectivenessLink
2009Hom98(1):2-10Cost–benefit evaluation of homeopathic versus conventional therapy in respiratory diseasesCost effectivenessLink
2008BMC Fam Pract.30;9:8.Complementary or alternative? The use of homeopathic products and antibiotics amongst pre-school children.Use of Homeopathy and antibioticsLink
2008Hom97(3):114-121Towards standard setting for patient-reported outcomes in the NHS homeopathic hospitalsPatient ComplianceLink
2008Hom97(4):178-184Characteristics of visitors to homeopaths in a total adult population study in Norway (HUNT 2)Visitors to homeopathsLink
2008Hom97(1):22-27Conceptions of health, illness and treatment of patients who use homeopathy in Santos, BrazilHomeopathy usersLink
2008Hom97(2):70-75Homeopathy and complementary medicine in Tuscany, Italy: integration in the public health systemIntegration of homeopathyLink
2007Hom96(4):243-246Setting standards in homeopathic practice—A pre-audit exploring motivation and expectation for patients attending the Bristol Homeopathic HospitalHomeopathic StandardsLink
2006Hom95(4):206-214Patient compliance with homeopathic therapyPatient ComplianceLink
2006Hom95(1):9-14Responses to homeopathic treatment in National Health Service general practiceHomeopathic TreatmentLink
2005Hom94(4):215-221Audit of outcome in 455 consecutive patients treated with homeopathic medicinesAuditLink
2005Hom94(4):222-228Changes in patients visiting a homeopathic clinic in Norway from 1994 to 2004Homeopathic visitLink
2005Hom94(1):17-25General practitioners and classical homeopaths treatment models for asthma and allergyAsthma/AllergyLink
2004Hom93(2):67-70Evaluation of a GP practice based homeopathy servicePractice based homeopathyLink
2004Hom93(4):203-209A preliminary audit investigating remedy reactions including adverse events in routine homeopathic practiceAdverse eventLink
2003Hom92(2):77-83Homeopathic remedies as metaphors in family therapy. A narrative-based approach to homeopathyFamily therapyLink
2003Hom92(2):71-76Does homeopathy reduce the cost of conventional drug prescribing?: A study of comparative prescribing costs in General PracticeCost effectivenessLink
2003Hom92(4):190-194Exploring General Practitioners’ attitudes to homeopathy in Dumfries and GallowayPractitioner's attitudeLink
2003Hom92(3):135-139Study of the practice of homeopathic General Practitioners in FranceHomeopathic PracticeLink
2002Hom91(1):18-21Homeopathy and health related Quality of Life: A survey in six European countriesQuality of LifeLink
2002Hom91(2):63-74Homeopathic constitutional type questionnaire correlates of conventional psychological and physical health scales: individual difference characteristics of young adultsPhysical health scaleLink
2002Hom91(2):95-98Learning experiences—what works for postgraduatesLearning experienceLink
2002Hom91(3):150-155Selection of potencies by medical and non-medical homeopaths: a surveyPotency selectionLink
2002Hom91(4):225-229A survey of the use of over-the-counter homeopathic medicines purchased in health stores in central ManchesterOTC medicineLink
2002Hom92(1):3-10Users of homeopaths in Norway in 1998, compared to previous users and GP patientsHomeopathy usersLink
2002Hom91(1):10-17A study of the inter-observer reliability of paper case analysisCase analysisLink
2017J Altern Complement Med. 23(6):426-444. Homeopathy for Allergic Rhinitis: A Systematic Review.Review

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