Survey: How Much We Dispense As A Dose?

Quantification of Dose in Routine Clinical Practice – A Descriptive, Opinion based Survey by IPRH


This survey is knowing about Quantification of a Single Dose in routine clinical practice.

This survey does not inquire about

  • Your prescription pattern i.e. single dose, or multiple doses etc. (repetition)
  • Potency selection criteria.
  • Polypharmacy and patents specific practice.

Privacy Concerns

This survey strictly adheres to Privacy Policy & is Completely Confidential. Identity of the respondents shall be kept strictly confidential.

Time to Undertake Survey

2 – 3 minutes ONLY

Current Scenario

In homeopathic clinical practice, we are challenged with variables, and one such variable is the quantity of a dose. Although it has been clearly mentioned in our literature about the concept of minimum dose, this is usually adopted in various ways when applied in clinical practice.

The amount/quantity of a dose differs in different settings despite following the Law of Minimum.

It is equally right that a single dose is the minimum quantity of a medicinal substance to arouse the vitality of the patient, but the minimum dose is quantified differently in different settings. This might be influenced by factors such as:

  • Baseline teaching
  • Experience
  • Influence
  • Etc.

For example, a physician may dispense one drop of a medicine while another dispense four drops of the same medicine for a similar condition. In both instances, they follow the law of Single-Minimum Dose, but the quantification is different.

It is also argued that the quantity of homeopathic medicines does not play an important role because whatever quantity is given as one dose is considered minimum and single. This might not be applicable in clinical settings where mother tinctures, biochemics etc. are prescribed frequently.

Aim of this Survey

This survey aims to know about:

How much do you dispense as One Dose in your clinical practice in an Adult Individual i.e.:

  • What is the size of globules (sugar pellets) you use?
  • How many globules do you prescribe as a Single Dose?
  • How many drops of potentized dilution do you prescribe as a Single Dose?
  • How many drops of mother tincture do you prescribe as a Single Dose?
  • How many tablets of Biochemic salts do you prescribe as a Single Dose?

Important Points

  • This is a descriptive, opinion based survey.
  • This survey aims to collect data from registered homeopathic practitioners.
  • The survey is a collation of personal experience of a practitioner only.
  • The survey aims to collect data and arrive at a collective pattern of a Dose quantity.
  • This survey does not aim to alter the beliefs and practices trends of a physician.

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