Time and again we come across difficulties in conducting/undertaking research, due to reasons like insufficient funds/grants, scarce resources, limited exposure, inadequate manpower, lack of expertise,  or just lack of time.


To promote interdisciplinary and community supported homeopathic research, IPRH has started a unique, intuitive, not-for-profit, voluntary initiative – PHORECISS which is Promotion of Homeopathic Research by Community# Initiated and Supported Studies. It is introduced on the philosophy that we as physician and researchers have the capabilities to contribute to homeopathic research, and there is always a scope between “desire” and “undertaking” research.

For any research we need:

  • Research question
  • Hypothesis
  • Literature review
  • Suitable design
  • Population/Sample
  • Instrumentation
  • Data collection
  • Data processing
  • Analysis and Evaluation
  • Publication support
  • Funds/Grants Etc.

And this is also true that every individual has his/her own insights, experiences, USPs and expertise.

Through PHORECISS we can come together selflessly and share our USPs with each other.

What PHORECISS aims at

  • Providing research sensitization and orientation training to strengthen members within organizational and community settings.
  • Motivating organizations and homeopathic communities to design and undertake quality homeopathic research.
  • Research evaluation of studies*.

The Modus Operandi

  • Collaboration with individual clinicians, researchers/scientists, homeopathic organizations/associations.
  • Identification of core areas for undertaking research in homeopathy by discussions, exchange of ideas.
  • Identifying research questions and generation of hypothesis.
  • Formulations of proposals and protocols.
  • Obtaining approval of protocols as per standards of research.
  • Data collection at single or multiple sites using approved protocols.
  • Evaluation and analysis of results.
  • Publication of results.
  • Formulation of Working Groups

Working Groups

Working groups are formed according to expertise and area of interest. PHORECISS aims to work closely with working group members, self-help groups, to build the capacity of individuals, so that key areas of homeopathic research can be addressed at local, regional, and statewide level. Fill the Working Group Enrolment Form.


The benefit is to Homeopathy first. In addition, you get experience, satisfaction and skill development.


PHORECISS and IPRH are not-for-profit work. But to sustain, certain help is always required. In PHORECISS, members are motivated to contribute at their own level. For example, if a case series/clinical trial needs certain investigations, you may get the investigations done at your level. Such endeavors are highly appreciated.

You may also support IPRH by  making donations. Visit support section here.

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*PHORECISS is copyrighted by Dr. Saurav Arora under IPRH.

#Homeopathic Community.