Projects by IPRH

Homeopathic Research Database

Homeopathic Research Database compiles peer-reviewed scientific publication in homeopathy and high dilution only. The database is categorized into subsections like Fundamental, Clinical, Veterinary etc. Learn more…


PHORECISS promotes research by community motivation and support. Learn more…

Research Updates - Homeopathy

“Research Updates-Homeopathy” (ISSN 2278-4500) is an intuitive, Open Access, quarterly research e-Journal that aims to disseminate the homeopathic research updates. The e-Journal accepts articles/manuscripts/news/reviews related to research in Homeopathy.

Research Material Development

It is a constant effort of IPRH to develop quality and authentic research material for researchers and clinicians. Learn more….

Research Literacy

IPRH firmly believes that research literacy is the first step towards research. Learn more.


Visit Survey/Poll section to learn more about surveys by IPRH.

Archived Projects

  • Journal of Case Studies in Homeopathy (Now Discontinued) (ISSN 2321-6255) was the first homeopathic journal dedicated to publishing case studies/series in homeopathy.
  • Beyond Avogadro is not merely a website to support homeopathy, but it symbolizes the enthusiasm and dynamism beyond materialistic medicine!


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