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1949Br Homeopath J39(4):234-244The threshold action of microdoses of mercuric chloride on the activity of diastase in the hydrolysis of starchLink
2016Homeopathy15(3): 270-79First evidence of Beauvais' hypothesis in a plant modelReviewLink
2015Int J High Dilution Res14(2)11-12The potential of homeopathic phenomenon in plant growthGrowth effect
2014Homeopathy103(1):73-74Might evaporation-induced droplet patterns serve in agro-homeopathicLink
2014Homeopathy103(2): 113-126Reproducibility of effects of homeopathically potentised gibberellic acid on the growth of Lemna gibba L. in a randomised and blinded bioassayLemna gibba LGrowth effectLink
2014Homeopathy103(1):91-92Homeopathic potencies alter photosynthesis of cowpea.Link
2014Homeopathy103(1):66Effects of homeopathic treatments on the cellular metabolism of wheat:
validation of microarrays data by quantitative real-time PCR (qPCR).
2014Homeopathy103(1):71Comparative study of two bioassays with weakened duckweed and yeast
treated with homeopathic preparations.
2014Homeopathy103(1):92-93Effects of homeopathic treatments on strawberry plants in field.Link
2013Homeopathy102(3):179-86Stimulative influence of germination and growth of maize seedlings originating
from aged seeds by 2,4-D potencies.
2013Int J High Dilution Res12(44):115.A new homeopathic potency promotes growth and yield of rice: a field trial.PDF
2013Recent Research in Science and Technology5(4) pp 11-14. Effects of potentised homeopathic mecicines on the germinartion,growth and photosynthetic activity of Pisum sativum L. Pisum sativum Lgerminartion,growth and photosynthetic activityPDF
2013Int J High Dilution Res12(44):127-128Effectiveness of ultra high diluted arsenic as a function of succussion number
as evidenced by wheat germination test and droplet evaporation method.
2013Int J High Dilution Res12(44):129-130.Cuprum Sulphuricum - a homeopathic drug can combating toxic effect of Cu,
promote seed germination and peroxidase activity in Vigna unguiculata.
2013Int J High Dilution ResInt J High Dilution ResPotentized Cina reduces root-knot nematode in infestation of cucumber and
the antinematode effect is transmitted through water.
Root-knot nematode,Link
2013Int J High Dilution Res12(44):98-99New homeopathic potencies promote plant growth and developmentPDF
2013Biohelica3 ( 1&2) pp 38-43.3 ( 1&2) pp 38-43.Effects of potentised homeopathic mecicine Arsenicum album and Bartya carbonica on growth and pigment concentration of wheat ( Triticum aestivum L)Triticum aestivum LGrowth and pigment concentrationPDF
2013Int J High Dilution Res12(44):131-132.Changes in the dynamics of germination and growth of flax, garden cress and
radish seeds under the increasing dilutions of chosen auxins.
2013Int J High Dilution Res12(44):137-138Potentized Sucrose alters growth, sugar, protein and chlorophyll content in
cowpea seedlings.
2013IJHDR12(42):26-39Prestimulation of wheat seedlings with gibberellic acid followed by application of an agitated high dilution of the same hormoneWheat seedlingGrowthPDF
2012Int J High Dilution Res11(39):45-59Wheat germination and highly diluted agitated gibberellic acid (10 -30) - a multi
researcher study
2012Int J High Dilution Res11(40):161-162Phytopathological and nutraceutical evaluation of cauliflower plants treated
with high dilutions of arsenic trioxide
2012Int J High Dilution Res11(40):185-186The acitivity of enzymes can be modified by homeopathic dilutions of their
2012IJHDR11(39): 45-59Wheat germination and highly diluted agitated gibberellic acid (10-30) – a multi researcher studyWheatGerminationPDF
2012Int J High Dilution Res11(40):182-183Plant substrate as a vehicle for trituration: a pilot study.PDF
2012Int J High Dilution Res11(41):237-246Sepia 200cH at 1:1000 dilution ameliorates salt stress in cowpea seedlings but
its medium 90% ethanol proves ineffective at the same dilution.
2012Int J High Dilution Res11(40):213-214Evaluation of the effects of homeopathic medicines on the germination seeds
of Brassica oleracea l. var. Italica.
2012Int J High Dilution Res11(40):196-197Reproducibility of effects of the homeopathic dilutions 14x – 30x of gibberellic
acid on growth of Lemna gibba L.
2012J Homeopath Ayurv Med.1(1):1-7.Homeopathic medicines protect environment, health and development by
controlling mulberry disease.
2012Int J High Dilution Res11(40):115-116Droplet evaporation patterns of wheat seed leakages differ following
treatments with arsenic at ultra-high dilution level.
2012Int J High Dilution Res11(40):140-141Use of plant bioassays in homeopathic basic research – a systematic reviewPDF
2012Evid Based Complement Alternat Med125945Development of a biocrystallisation assay for examining effects of
homeopathic preparations using cress seedlings.
2012Acta Sci. Agron34(2):201-206The effect of high dilutions of Pulsatilla nigricans on the vigour of soybean
seeds subjected to accelerated aging.
2012Int J High Dilution Res11(40):124-125Pre stimulation by gibberellic acid and the effect of extremely diluted agitated
gibberellic acid on wheat stalk growth.
2012Int J High Dilution Res11(40):128.Natrum mur 200c promotes seed germination and increases total protein,
chlorophyll, rubisco and sugar in early seedlings of cowpea under salt stress.
2012Int J High Dilution Res1(40):122-123From Kolisko to nowadays: progresses and discoveries in agro-homeopathy.PDF
2012IJHDR11(39): 60-68Water as carrier of information of heat shock
and drug effect between two groups of
Adhatoda vasica plants
Adhatoda vasicaheat shock and drug effectPDF
2012EBCAM2012;125945Development of a biocrystallisation assay for examining effects of
homeopathic preparations using cress seedlings.
Lepidium sativum L.Seedling biocrystallisationLink
2012Int J High Dilution Res11(40):129-130Comparative study of two bioassays with weakened duckweed and yeast
treated with homeopathic preparations.
2012Int J High Dilution Res11(39):60-68Water as carrier of information of heat shock and drug effect between two
groups of Adhatoda vasica plants
2012IJHDR11(41):237-246Sepia 200 cH in 1:1,000 dilution counteracts the effect of salt stress in cowpea seedlings but vehicle 90% ethanol proves ineffective in the same dilutionCowpea seedlingsSalt stressPDF
2011IJHDR10(36):233-238Physiological response of sorghum seeds treated with Arsenicum album submitted to low temperaturesorghumPhysiological responsePDF
2011ScientificWorldJournal11:1667-78Seasonal variation of the effect of extremely diluted agitated gibberellic acid
(10e-30) on wheat stalk growth: a multi researcher study.
2011Evid Based Complement Alternat Med.2011:696298The efficacy of ultramolecular aqueous dilutions on a wheat germination
model as a function of heat and aging-time.
2011IJHDR10(36):263-264Seasonal variation of the effect of extremely diluted agitated gibberellic acid (10-30) on wheat stalk growth – a multi researcher studyWheatStalk growthPDF
2011Nat Prod Commun1499-504Characterization of essential oil and effects on growth of Verbena gratissima
plants treated with homeopathic phosphorus
2011Homeopathy100(4):275-287Use of homeopathic preparations in experimental studies with abiotically stressed plantsSystematic ReviewAbiotically stressed plantsLink
2011IJHDR10(36):253-258High dilutions of Magonia pubescens hidrogel affect germination variables in Sorghum bicolor L. MoenchsorghumGerminationPDF
2011IJHDR10(36):239-244Germination and vigour of seed of sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L. Moench) treated with Arsenicum albumsorghumGerminationPDF
2011IJHDR10(35):79-79Seasonal variation of the effect of extremely diluted agitated gibberellic acid (10-30) on wheat seedling developmentWheatSeedling developmentPDF
2011J Altern Complement Med.17(4):315-23Development of a test system for homeopathic preparations using impaired
duckweed (Lemna gibba L.).
2011Int J High Dilution Res10(36):249-252High dilutions of acetone affect the Avena sativa growth in vitro.PDF
2011IJHDR10(36):231-232Germination of radish seeds (Raphanus sativus) treated with homeopathic drugs.Raphanus sativusGerminationPDF
2011IJHDR10(34): 37-45Pathogenetic trial of boric acid in bean and tomato plantsBean and tomatoPathogenetic trialPDF
2011IJHDR10(36):265-267Plants: a unique model for research on high diluted substancesReviewPDF
2011Complement Ther Med19(3):164-169The effect of extremely diluted agitated gibberellic acid (10e-30) on wheat stalk
growth--a two researcher pilot study
2011Int J High Dilution Res10(36):245-248High dilution of Belladonna affect the mycelial growth of Corynespora
cassiicola in vitro
2010IJHDR9(30): 43-50A pilot study of the influence of Natrum muriaticum 6cH and 30cH in a standardized culture of Phaseolus vulgaris L.Phaseolus vulgaris L.CulturePDF
2010IJHDR9(33): 147-155Effect of biotherapic of Alternaria solani on the early blight of tomato-plant and the in vitro development of the fungusTomato PlantBlight diseasePDF
2010Int J Pharma Bio Sci.1(2):1-13.Management of genetic activity through homoeopathy.PDF
2010Physiol Mol Biol Plants16(2):201-6TDZ-induced high frequency shoot regeneration in Cassia sophera Linn. via
cotyledonary node explants.
2010ScientificWorldJournal10:2112-29Effects of homeopathic arsenicum album, nosode, and gibberellic acid
preparations on the growth rate of arsenic-impaired duckweed (Lemna gibba
2010Eur J Integr Med2(4):251Development of a biocrystallisation method for examining effects of
homeopathic preperations on germinating cress seeds.
2010Eur J Integr Med2(4):246Information transfer from an ultra high dilution through glass walls - A study
on wheat seedlings, with regard to storage safety of homeopathic remedies
2010IJHDR9(33): 138-146Germination and vigor of lettuce seeds (Lactuca sativa L.) pelleted with homeopathic preparations Alumina and Calcarea carbonica subjected to toxic levels of aluminum.Lactuca sativa LGerminationPDF
2010Eur J Integr Med2(4):244-245Wheat germination (20 h) and extremely diluted gibberellic acid (10e-30) -
Explorative experiments on a fundamental homoeopathy research model.
2010Eur J Integr Med2(4):264Influence of mental state on the homeopathic manufacturing process?Link
2010ScientificWorldJournal10:2330-47A review of three simple plant models and corresponding statistical tools for
basic research in homeopathy
2010ScientificWorldJournal10:38-48Homeopathic preparations to control the rosy apple aphid (Dysaphis
plantaginea Pass.)
2009Eur J Integr Med.1(4):246-247Biophoton emission in high-potency research on wheat seed models.Link
2009Scientific World Journal9:320-330Homeopathic treatment of Arabidopsis thaliana plants infected with
Pseudomonas syringae
2009Acta Scientarum Agronomy31(1):101-105Homeopathic drugs Arsenicum album and Sulphur affect the growth and
essential oil content in mint (Mentha arvensis L.).
2009Homeopathy98(4):244-66Use of homeopathic preparations in phytopathological models and in field
trials: a critical review
2009Homeopathy98(4):198-207Isopathic treatment effects of Arsenicum album 45x on wheat seedling growth – further reproduction trialsWheatSeedling growthLink
2009CTM17(2):63-70Effects of potentised substances on growth rate of the water plant Lemna gibba L.
gibba L.
Lemna gibba L.Growth rateLink
2009Nonlinear Biomed Phys.3(1):10Influence of very low doses of mediators on fungal laccase activity -
nonlinearity beyond imagination.
2009Homeopathy98(4):228-43Use of homeopathic preparations in experimental studies with healthy plants.Link
2008Int J High Dilution Res7(23):3-11Kinetic changes in activity of HR-peroxidase, induced by very low doses of
2008IJHDR7(23); 113-117Use of homeopathic Arnica montana for the issuance of roots of Rosmarinus officinalis L. and Lippia alba (Mill) N.E.Br.Rosmarinus officinalis L. and Lippia albaissuance of rootsPDF
2008IJHDR7(22): 31-35Effects of high dilutions of Cymbopogon winterianus Jowitt (citronella) on the germination and growth of seedlings of Sida rhombifoliaSida rhombifoliaGerminationPDF
2008Int J High Dilution Res7(23);113-117Use of homeopathic Arnica montana for the issuance of roots of Rosmarinus
officinalis L. and Lippia alba (Mill) N.E.Br
2008CTM16(4):183-91Reproducibility of dwarf pea shoot growth stimulation by homeopathic
potencies of gibberellic acid.
Pea shootGrowth rateLink
2008Complement Ther Med16(4):183-91Reproducibility of dwarf pea shoot growth stimulation by homeopathic
potencies of gibberellic acid.
2008PLoS One3(9):e3133Test system stability and natural variability of a Lemna gibba L. bioassay.Link
2008Homeopathy97(3):122-128omeopathy and systematics: a systematic analysis of the therapeutic effects of the plant species used in homeopathyAgroSystematic ReviewLink
2008Environ Ecol26(3):1115–1118Potentized drugs enhance growth of pidgeon pea.PDF
2007J Altern Complement Med13(9):931-937Duckweed (Lemna gibba L.) as a test organism for homeopathic potenciesLink
2007Forsch Komplementmed14(5):301-5The role of variability in evaluating ultra high dilution effects: considerations based on plant model experiments.wheat seedlings, tobacco leaf disksgermination, stem length, necrotic lesionsLink
2007The effects of some nanodilutions on plant developmentLink
2006J Altern Complement Med.12(4):359-65Does potentized HgCl2 (Mercurius corrosivus) affect the activity of diastase
and alpha-amylase
2006Forsch Komplementmed13(5):298-306Effects of potentised substances on growth kinetics of Saccharomyces
cerevisiae and Schizosaccharomyces pombe
2006Homeopathy95(2):98-102Effects of Cina on root-knot disease of mulberryMulberryRoot Knot diseaseLink
2006Int J High Dilution Res5(16)Microbial efficiency in soil treated with homeopathy.PDF
2006Homeopathy95(3):148-150Effect of fortification of Mulberry leaves with homeopathic drug Nux Vomica on Bombyx Mori. L.Bombyx Mori L.Fortification of Mulberry leavesLink
2006Homeopathy95(3):144-147Amelioration of root-knot disease of lady's finger plants by potentized Cina and SantoninLady's FingerRoot Knot diseaseLink
2005Annals of Plant Protection Sciences13(2):497-498Biodynamic preparations: a novel way to manage plant diseases.Link
2005Forsch Komplementmed12(5):284-91The effects of a 45x potency of arsenicum album on wheat seedling growth -- a reproduction trial.Wheat seedlingGrowth rateLink
2005Forsch Komplementmed12(5):277-83A biostatistical insight into the As(2)O(3) high dilution effects on the rate and
variability of wheat seedling growth.
Wheat seedlingGrowth rateLink
2004Forsch Komplementmed11(5):281-92.Growth stimulation of dwarf peas (Pisum sativum L.) through homeopathic
potencies of plant growth substances.
Pisum sativumGrowth rateLink
2003Homeopathy92(4):195-202Effects of homeopathic arsenic on tobacco plant resistance to tobacco mosaic virus. Theoretical suggestions about system variability, based on a large experimental data setTobacco plantTMVLink
2003Acta Scientiarum - Agronomy25(2):259-263Effect of the homeopathic solution Sulphur on the growth and productivity of
2003Homeopathy92(3):129-30Plant models for fundamental research in homeopathy.Link
2003Homeopathy92(3):140-144Homeopathically prepared gibberellic acid and barley seed germinationBarley SeedSeed germinationLink
2001Allelopathy J.8(1):65-72.Nematotoxic effect of Acacia auriculiformis and Artemisia nilagirica against
root-knot nematodes.
2000American Journal of Alternative Agriculture15(3):110-118Biodynamic preparations: short-term effects on crops, soils, and weed
2000Research on Crops1(2):255-257Effects of different homoeopathic drugs prepared from common weeds on
radial growth of oyster mushroom (Pleurotus membranaceus) under in vitro
2000Br Homeopath J89(2):63-7Statistical analysis of the effect of high dilutions of arsenic in a large dataset
from a wheat germination model.
1999Plant Disease Research14(2):177-178Control of greening disease of citrus through trunk injection with
homoeopathic drugs.
1997Br Homoeopath J.86(2):86–89Effect of high dilutions of Arsenicum album on wheat seedlings from seed
poisoned with the same substance
1994Br Homeopath J.83(4):195–201A pilot statistical study with homeopathic potencies of arsenicum album in
wheat germination as a simple model
1992Br Homeopath Jr81(1):67Homœopathic effect of a plant hormone? A preliminary reportLink
1991Br Homeopath Jr80:157–160An agricultural application of homoeopathyLink
1984Biological Agriculture & Horticulture2(1):1-50Homoeopathy and its Potential Role in Agriculture—A Critical Review.Link
1983Br Homeopath J.72(3):143-147Comparison of Wheat and Yeast as in vitro Models for Investigating
Homoeopathic Medicines
1977Br Homeopath Jr66(3)169-77The effect of copper sulphate on the growth of the alga ChlorellaLink
1966Br Homeopath J55(3):189-93Effects of sulphur dynamizations on onions*Link

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