Acute Alcohol Withdrawal and Homeopathy – A Webinar

Alcohol consumption, habit, dependence, and addiction is very common in day to day life. It is a common social problem and is associated with other risk factors and co‑morbidities. Abrupt cessation of alcohol intake may provoke an acute alcohol withdrawal phase with varying degrees of signs and symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms may be warning symptoms as […]


Nanotechnology: From Materials to Medicines and their impact on Society

Symposium on Nanotechnology to be held on 25th March 2017 at the Birla Industrial and Technological Museum (BITM), Kolkata, India. The Centre for Interdisciplinary Research and Education (CIRE) along with its collaborators, the West Bengal Academy of Science and Technology, BITM and Adamas University are organizing a One Day Symposium on “Nanotechnology: From Materials to […]

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Research Sensitization Workshop – E Souvenir

A research sensitization workshop was organized by Baroda Homoeopathic Medical College, Gujarat, India with Dr. Saurav Arora for creating awareness amongst participants, on 26th December 2014 at SSG Medical Hall, Vadodara, Gujarat, India. The workshop received a positive response from fraternity and was attended by more than 900 participants, including interns, MD students, clinicians, academicians […]


Petitioning Wikipedia: Call to action to update Homeopathy at Wikipedia

The writeup on “Homeopathy” given on the Wikipedia website doesn’t represent the true definition of homeopathic system of medicine ( At many places the write up gives wrong information, biased references, and half cooked knowledge to readers. Therefore, this piece of writing is misleading to general public. For example the statement “Homeopathy is a pseudoscience […]

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Abstract Submission deadline For LMHI Congress 2014 – 05 January 2014

The 69th annual international congress of Liga Medicorum Homeopathica Internationalis is lined up from 16 – 19 July 2014 in Paris, France. This year the congress will focus on various aspects of clinical practice. Congress organizers invite abstracts which must be submitted as a MS Word document (.doc or .docx) via the Online Submission System. […]