Drug Standardization

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2016Homeopathy 105(3): 225-32Preparation, standardization and in vitro safety testing of Mycobacterium nosodes (Emtact- polyvalent nosode)Link
2015Int J High Dilution Res14(4):16-37Homeopathic drug standardization through biological evaluations: An untrodden avenuePDF
2015Int J High Dilution Res14(3):20-35Characterization of Potentized (Homeopathic, Anthroposophical and Antihomotoxic) Medicines Registered and Notified In BrazilPDF
2014IJRH8(4):194-199Standardisation of homoeopathic drug: Plectranthus fruticosusDrug StandardizationPDF
2013International Journal of Pharma and Bio Sciences 4(1):285-296Passiflora Foetida Linn: A Complete Morphological and Phytopharmacological ReviewReviewPDF
2013International Journal of Research in Botany3(1): 19-22Acalypha indica L - an Important Medicinal Plant: a Review of Its Traditional Uses, and Pharmacological PropertiesReviewLink
2013International Journal of Advanced Pharmaceutical Science and Technology1(1);1-20Regulatory Standards on Homoeopathic Drugs: Indian PerspectiveReviewLink
2013Global J Res. Med. Plants & Indigen. Med.2(4):38-45Chelidonium majus l. - a review on pharmacological activities and clinical effectsReviewPDF
2013PLoS One.3;8(9):e74181. Low potency homeopathic remedies and allopathic herbal medicines: is there an overlap?HPLC-DAD of allopathic and homeopathic herbal medicinesLink
2012IJPCBSVol. 1 (1) Jan – Mar 2012Essentials Perspectives for Emblica OfficinalisPDF
2012International Multidisciplinary Research Journal2(12):19-20Lectin activity of homeopathy drugsPDF
2011African Journal of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicine8(5 Suppl):46-52The Quality of Selected South African and International Homoeopathic Mother TincturesQuality and StandardPDF
2010Homeopathy99(3):183-188Preliminary investigation of metal and metalloid contamination of homeopathic products marketed in CroatiaMetal and metalloid contaminationLink
2007Acta Biochim Pol.54(4):853-6. Analysis of gypsogenin saponins in homeopathic tinctures.Analysis of gypsogenin saponinsLink
2002Homeopathy91(2):85-88Alcohol concentration in the preparation of mother tinctures of vegetable origin. The example of Holarrhena antidysentericaAlcohol concentrationLink
2002Homeopathy91(3):166-170The brown spider Loxosceles laeta: source of the remedy Tarentula cubensis?Loxosceles laetaLink
2002Homeopathy91(4):249-254The toxicology of Amanita phalloidesAmanita phalloidesLink
2001Ancient Science of LifeXXI (2) October 2001: 111-119Physico-Chemical Profile of Some Colouring Plants Used in HomoeopathyPhysico chemical profileLink
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