Priority Areas for Research in Homeopathy

The Priority Areas for Research in Homeopathy has been developed to:

“Identify homeopathic research priorities considering experiences and critical gaps that can be adapted by clinicians, academicians, researchers/research institutions, local health authorities and funding agencies”.

The surge in research has sparked a new era, where the responsibility lies on undertaking quality research. There is a small but robust research portfolio for homeopathy ranging from basic science to clinical research and it is continuing to grow in other fields also. To be able to do research in a methodical way one needs a good research question. Although a research question may be generated out of choice, interest, observation, and uncertainty but still there are many areas where we should focus our resources in order to attain quality documentation of reliable evidence. Priority areas also serve as a guide for students, researchers and funding agencies. The aim of prioritization is to promote innovative proposals to stimulate increased quality, visibility or availability of research at a national, regional or international level. The “priority” also depends on many factors which may range from available resources, the applicability of research, health care needs, expertise, etc., some of these are considered in the development of this document.

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Priority Areas for Research in Homeopathy V 1.3