Key Domains To Excel in Homeopathic Clinical Practice and Research

key domains to excel in homeopathy

Homeopathic clinical practice and research are usually adopted as directionally opposite domains. Many times majority of the fraternity opt either one of them and express that,

It is hard to find the connection and application between these two!

But is the statement holds completely true? Well, NO!

There are certain things which we need to know and understand to learn homeopathy, and these “domains” apply equally to all sectors and application of homeopathy, be it practice or research.

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Baseline teaching

The baseline teaching is what we are taught and how it is taught. It refers to the learning we acquire from our teachers, masters books and colleagues. It is the way how things are imbibed and absorbed by our mind. This is the prime reason why the majority of us get diverted to different schools of thoughts in our initial days of studentship. The naive mind is a perfect soil to receive all impressions. The baseline teaching decides the future course of practice and further, it is dependent on our struggle, depth of penetration of studies, and intellectual acceptance of the facts and figures.



The next domain represents the experience which we gather for the whole of our lifetime. It is not always necessary to acquire all experiences on our own, but we do take motivation, inspiration and use others’ experience to grow. The experience is gathered over time and may not be directly proportional to the time we invest. The more experience we have means more we have exposed ourselves to the challenges.



Next comes the “experiment”, which is a relative term. That is to say that every patient we treat or every work we undertake is an amalgamation of our “experience” and “experiment”. The experiment not always refers to keep a patient at stack for the sake of learning but it is to gain insight into remedies and management of a case. It is like the application of baseline knowledge coupled with experience to gain further. This gain may not be beneficial in all cases and situations. This is the reason why our practice has failures. The ratio of failure may reduce over a period of time, but it shall always remain there. Nobody is perfect, so to achieve next level of perfection we “experiment” with our ideas, applicability, and knowledge.



Intuition is what we feel every day. At the various occasion, we just “do” the things which are not explainable at certain grounds. For example, sometimes, we prescribe a medicine just because we “feel” it will work. This “feeling” may be dependent on our existing knowledge, experience or experimentation but not reasonable in a majority of the cases. This belongs to intuition. The intuition which is strong and deep always leads to a feeling of an achievement. Intuition can’t be taught, learned or imbibed. It is something which comes from within and should always remain like this. Alteration with intuition may result in nothing but failure and dissatisfaction.

Therefore, the four domains – Baseline teaching, Experience, Experimentation, and Intuition constitute what we learn, apply, and gain in the different sector of homeopathy. These domains apply equally to research as well as clinical practice. We must master each domain and learn the art of amalgamation of balanced application of domains to excel in homeopathy.

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