An Exclusive Interview with Dr Karin Lenger

An Exclusive Interview with

Dr. Karin Lenger

Dr. rer.nat., Dipl.-Biochem. Homeopathic practitioner


Dr. Saurav Arora


Saurav Arora (SA): You (Karin Lenger) have been in active research for more than three decades. We would like to how and when this journey started? What was the turning point to opt research in biomedical sciences?

Kerin Lenger (KL): When I was a 12 year old girl I learnt anatomy, the function of the organs, diseases and their treatment from a book “the family doctor” which I bought with my pocket-money. Since that time I wanted to become a medical doctor. I wanted to help sick people and I wanted to know what cancer is all about. My grandma and my father died due to cancer. Before my high school diploma, Abitur, I learnt during the lectures of biology that the DNA functions as a morse code regulating protein syntheses and growth of an organism. That was fascinating for me and I studied biochemistry at the University of Tübingen to learn how life of an organism is regulated and how diseases as e.g. cancer are developed.


SA: What was your source of inspiration to venture research in high dilutions?

KL: When my contract at the Medical University finished after 12 years, where I worked as a Research Assistant in different Institutes, I had to look for a new job to earn my livelihood for me and my daughter. I got a job at DHU (German Society of Homeopathic Union, owner Willmar Schwabe) one of the oldest homeopathic pharmaceuticals in the world. I had to visit homeopathic doctors and guide them to prescribe homeopathic remedies. Later on I learnt homeopathy by the homeopathic doctors of DZVhÄ, and gave homeopathic lectures for the clients of DHU. But I could not understand why the highly diluted homeopathic remedies should heal after having crossed the Avogadro’s constant.  There was not any idea how it worked about it. I worked at DHU for 8 years. Soon after that I passed an examination as a homeopathic practitioner and opened a practice for classical homeopathy. Gradually I observed that highly diluted and potentized homeopathic remedies healed my sick patients better than remedies with low potencies.


SA: There has been a huge rejection of high dilution research since inception, but you struggled to get through these hurdles. How did you achieved that? 

KL: When I noticed that the homeopaths did mobb my fundamental homeopathic research I decided to ignore them and to rely on my scientific colleagues, quantum physicists who are able to understand the principles of my experiments, although the magnetic photons had not been detected. But the important fact is that my experiments were reproducible.  So I was convinced that my experiments prove the fundamental principles of homeopathy.  I have been invited to scientific conferences worldwide for many years and talked to my scientific colleagues about these topics instead of discussing with the homeopaths who are not willing to understand my research.


SA: Do you think fundamental research in the answer to understand the core principals of homeopathy (mostly clinical).

KL: Yes, of course. Please read my publications:

  • Wound Healing According to Biochemical Laws by Highly Potentized Homeopathic Remedies Containing Magnetic Photons. DOI: 10.21767/2394-9988.100081, Journal of Applied Science – Research and Review , 2018,5 No.4:16
  • Homeopathy—A Regulation Therapy Healing Hypo- or Hyper-functions of Pathological Pathways by Magnetic Photons according to the Resonance Principle. Journal of Life Sciences 11 (2017) 53-64. Doi: 10.17265/1934-7391/2017.11.001


SA: Many authorities do not accept the correlation of fundamental research and homeopathy (based on the assumption that no homeopathic principal can be applied in fundamental research), how you developed a balance between the two? Do you consider that fundamental research is only needed to label homeopathy to be plausible? Or there exists a correlation between fundamental research and clinical application of homeopathy?

KL: Please refer to my publication, “Wound healing according to biochemical laws ….

Yes, fundamental research is necessary to understand homeopathy and to make it plausible, only then homeopathy will be acknowledged worldwide.


SA: In all these years what have been your strength and weakness in homeopathy?

KL: I had a lot of patients with different diseases. During the time I discovered that the patients became healthy by giving the remedies very often. I also found out that I could give potentized substrates and inhibitors of the pathological pathways according to the Law of Similars. The weakness of homeopathy is that its esoteric corner has not any logical explanation of homeopathy; the people spin esoteric fairies accompanied by psychological stories without any prove. That is worse for the international acknowledgement of homeopathy.


SA: We know two aspects of your career – a biophysicist and a homeopath. Whom you like most?

KL: Firstly I am a biochemist and a homeopath, then I became a biophysicist. I love my three professions very much because with the knowledge of all three I can completely understand homeopathy.


SA: What inspired you to work in photon area? What was the breakthrough research which divulged your research on magnetic photons and their correlation with homeopathy?

KL: It was a pure coincidence! I went together with an engineer for near-field antennas, Manfred Spielmann, later on my co-author, to a seminar of Prof Konstantin Meyl about Tesla-coils at the factory of Electronic-Schwille in Munich. We discussed about the assumption of Prof. F. A. Popp that homeopathy must be an energy in the long wave region. When I saw the Tesla-coils I suddenly had the idea that this device would be suitable to prove homeopathy in the long wave region or high frequency region, e.g. at 2.06 MHz or 6.9 MHz. The owner of the factory Werner Schwille who also produced the Tesla-coils (patent) allowed us the experiments, and to use his huge Faraday cage. The Tesla-coils produced at 2.06 MHz and 6.9 MHz longitudinal waves in the near-field antenna region. His friend Josef Ambrusch had the magnetic loop antenna and the spectrum analyser. Therefore, we started the experiments with the expectation that the results must be caused by resonance under the condition that the homeopathic remedy must have the same frequency as the Tesla-coils.  The question was how we got the remedies with the frequencies of 2.06 MHz and 6.9 MHz which are given by the Tesla-coils. We used a pendulum as Cyril Smith did already. We kept the electric wire from the oscillator with the frequency of 2.06 MHz or 6.9 MHz over the remedies.  So we got the remedies Cantharis, Argentum met, Bovista etc. and we got the magnetic resonance effect! We proved that the resonance effect took only place in the magnetic field of the secondary coil of the Tesla-coil; So I concluded that it must be possible to get the magnetic frequency spectra and the potency levels from the homeopathic remedies used. We got them for the first time.

Lenger Karin, Homeopathic potencies identified by a new magnetic resonance method. Homeopathy – an energetic medicine. Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine 2006, Vol 15, Nr. 3:225-243

Later on Prof F.-A. Popp invited me to his International Institute of Biophysics and allowed me to work in his Institute; the publications concerning delayed luminescence of homeopathic remedies had been worked out there. The biophysicist and co-author Rajendra Bajpai had together with Prof. F.-A. Popp developed an equation to calculate the number of photons separated from the homeopathic sugar globules.


SA: How would you describe your experience in explaining the plausibility of homeopathy to other streams of scientist? Can you throw some light on scientific background of homeopathy?

KL: Homeopathy is efficacious by magnetic resonance effect from the biophysical view when the patient takes the remedies. Then pathological biochemical pathways are regulated and normal laboratory values can be measured soon.


SA: How many research publication do have you w.r.t high dilutions and homeopathy till date?

KL: 14 publications (See publication list). I was invited as speaker to a lot of conferences worldwide. LMHI-conferences, Biophysical conferences and Alternative and Complimentary Medicine conferences.


SA: What has been your greatest discovery so far in high dilution research?

KL: The discovery of magnetic photons in homeopathic remedies including the measurements of potency levels and frequency spectra. I applied two resonance methods, Tesla-coil-method and Delayed luminescence using a modified photomultiplier. The results of both methods confirmed each other.


SA: Can you throw some light on your future plans in biomedical research?

KL: The delayed luminescence method measures only very high potencies from CM to MM, the Tesla-coil method starts with potencies from 200 D or C or K to MM potencies. Therefore, further development of the Tesla-coil-method is necessary to measure the frequencies, the frequency spectra and the potency levels of the homeopathic remedies. It is important to measure the frequencies of the emitted magnetic photons of patients with different diseases and of healthy patients to determine the similar remedies for the patient surely and more quickly.

Short Bio with contact Details

Curriculum vitae of Karin Lenger                                                                                       

Dr. Karin Lenger, Institute for Scientific Homeopathy, Kaiserstr. 28, DE-63065 Offenbach,  e-mail:

Karin Lenger, Dipl.-Biochem. ,Dr.rer.nat. studied Biochemistry at the Universities of Tübingen and Cologne/Germany. She worked as a Scientific Assistant at the Medical University of Lübeck/Germany for 12 years performing her biochemical enzymatic studies:  enzymatic gene regulation, cancer research, enzymatic mechanisms of steroid hormones. She worked in different institutes: Institute for Molecular Biology, Institute for Biochemical Endocrinology, Laboratory of Neurology. Guest lecturer for organic and inorganic chemistry and for analyses of water at the technical college of higher education for engineers for more than 2 years at Lübeck.

She started her homeopathic career as a Lecturer for classical homeopathy at DHU ((Deutsche Homöopathie Union, German homeopathy Union) in Karlsruhe 1986-1994.   Since 1995, Dr. Lenger has been working as a Practising doctor and Lecturer for classical homeopathy in Europe. Over the years she has developed the “biochemical homeopathy” by using substrates of pathological enzymes in high levels of potentization.

She detected magnetic photons in high homeopathic potencies by scientific proof, by two magnetic resonance methods. She has developed a model of physical and biochemical function of homeopathy and published 14 articles about this topic in International Scientific Journals. Karin Lenger was invited to give lectures concerning the detection of magnetic photons in homeopathic remedies on international homeopathic and biophysical congresses.

List of Publications

  1. Jung A., Bauer E., Lenger K., Jackisch R.: Untersuchungen zum cytostatischen Wirkungsmechanismus der Vit A-Säure. Investigations on the cytostatic mechanism of vitamin A-acid. Zeitschrift für Krebsforschung u klinische Onkologie. Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology 1974; 82 (3): 223-31
  2. Lenger, K.: Isolation of Nucleoside Phosphotransferases from chromatin of Morris Hepatoma 9121 nuclei, Int.J.Biochem. 14, 53-61, 1982.
  3. Lenger, K.: Nucleoside triphosphate synthesis by chromatin bound enzymes from Morris Hepatoma 9121 nuclei, Int.J.Biochem. 14, 673- 677, 1982.
  4. Lenger, K.: Characterization of six nucleoside-nucleotide phosphotransferases from the chromatin of Morris Hepatoma 9121 cells by physicochemical and biochemical techniques. Int.J.Biochem. 14, 955-960, 1982.
  5. Lenger, K.: Assay of partially purified glucocorticoid receptor using both gel-electrophoresis and Dextran/charcoal technique, Int.J.Biochem. 15, 373 – 382, 1983.
  6. Lenger, K.: Alteration of the enzyme activity pattern of nucleoside-nucleotide phosphotransferases in rat liver nuclei through the formation of steroid hormone-enzyme-complexes, Int.J.Biochem. 383-393, 1983.
  7. Lenger, K.: Sensitive measurement of 3 H-glucocorticoid-receptor-complexes by gel-electrophoresis. In  “Electrophoresis “82“ (Stathakos,D. Hrsg.) 607-614, de Gruyter,Berlin, 1983.
  8. Lenger, K.: Allosteric effects of cortisol, estradiol,progesterone and of the DNA-sequences poly d(A-T) and poly d(C-G) on the adenosine –and thymidine phosphorylating activity of the nuclear nucleoside-nucleotide phosphotransferases. Int.J.Biochem. 15, 1241 – 1247, 1983.
  9. Lenger, K.: Verfahren zur Frühdiagnose maligner Tumoren bei Säugetieren und Menschen, Patentschrift Nr. 3336786, 1985, Deutsches Patentamt München, “Diagnostic method for identifying early malignant tumors in mammals and human beings.“ Patent-No: 3336786, 1985.
  10. Lenger, Wird der Zappelphilipp uns eingeimpft? Hilfe beim ADHD-Syndrom durch eine ungewöhnliche Therapie.Teil 1. Naturheilkunde, 26. Jahrgang ,5,(2003) pp. 56-59.
  11. Lenger, Wird der Zappelphilipp uns eingeimpft? Hilfe beim ADHD-Syndrom durch eine ungewöhnliche Therapie.Teil 2. Naturheilkunde, 26. Jahrgang 6/7, (2003) pp. 44-49.
  12. Lenger Karin, Homeopathic potencies identified by a new magnetic resonance method. Homeopathy – an energetic medicine. Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine 2006, Vol 15, Nr. 3:225-243.
  13. Lenger K, RP Bajpai, Drexel M, Delayed luminescence of high homeopathic potencies on sugar globuli.Homeopathy2008; 97, 134-140.
  14. Lenger Karin, A new biochemical model of homeopathic efficacy in patients with chronic diseases. Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine 2010, 19(3), 9-41.
  15. Lenger K, RP Bajpai,Spielmann M. Identification of unknown homeopathic remedies by delayed luminescence. CBB 2013 , DOI: 10.1007/s12013-013-9712-7
  16. Lenger K, Lang G. Photons detected by magnetic resonance are efficious in homeopathy. A critical review. OA Alternative Medicine 2014 Febr 22;2 (1):4
  17. Lenger Karin.invited speaker, Conference Paper: Applied Quantum Physics: Pathological biochemical pathways cured by high homeopathic potencies. Research Gate DOI: 10.13140/2.1.1651.0725
  18. Lenger Karin. Magnetic photons of homeopathic remedies cured rheumatic disease according to biochemical pathways, FEBS Journal 282 (Suppl. 1) (2015), 192
  19. Lenger Karin. Chronic diseases: Homöopathische Wirkungsweise von Mineralien,  Pflanzen und Tieren und ihr Bezug zu den drei chronischen Krankheiten Hahnemanns: 21.Jahrgang, 2015:    Part 1, April 2015, pp 90-92,  Part 2, May 2015,pp 86-88, Part 3, June 2015, pp 92-94
  20. Lenger Karin, Homeopathy—A Regulation Therapy Healing Hypo- or Hyper-functions of Pathological Pathways by Magnetic Photons according to the Resonance Principle. Journal of Life Sciences 11 (2017) 53-64.
  21. Lenger, K. 2016. “A Quantumphysical Model of Homeopathic Function.” Presented at the International Discussion Meeting: Förster Resonance Energy Transfer in life Sciences: FRET2, April 3-6, 2016, Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Göttingen, Germany.
  22. Lenger Karin, Homöopathie – Angewandte Quantenphysik, Dezember 2017, Fachzeitschrift Lachesis, Nr 47 Frauengesundheitskongress Bielefeld 2017, pp 81-84
  23. Karin Lenger, Wound Healing According to Biochemical Laws by Highly Potentized Homeopathic Remedies Containing Magnetic Photons. DOI: 10.21767/2394-9988.100081. Journal of Applied Science – Research and Review , 2018, Vol.5 No.4:16

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