Special Issue – Research Updates – Homeopathy Volume 7 Issue 1 (2018)

Special Issue: Research Updates – Homeopathy Volume 7, Issue 1

IPRH – Seven Years and Counting

Passion is what drives us ahead

  • What is research in homeopathy all about?
  • We talk of research, but where to find that research?
  • Is there any way to link researchers and clinicians?
  • Homeopathic research is expanding, is there any way it can be woven methodically?
  • Is there any website to offer exclusive about research in homeopathy?
  • Is there any way to help research grow in homeopathy?

These were some of the routine questions which used to bombard my head since I developed a research interest in homeopathy. These intrigued my mind and affected my thoughts deeply. Therefore, I decided to invest my energy and time to do “something” in research, “something” productive, intuitive and open to the profession. The Initiative to Promote Research in Homeopathy (IPRH) was founded to address these questions and today it is celebrating its seven-year of existence, struggle, passion and foresight.

All these years, there have been challenges, issues and learnings, but one thing which overpowered all of them is the passion. Passion is not what you see, follow or do, it is something which drives you always. I thank all readers and followers of homeopathy for their support, guidance, motivation, feedback and criticism that has kept my passion alive to run IPRH. I hope this passion grows with time and IPRH growing to newer heights in coming years.

In this Issue:

Consolidated Report: Seven Years Seven Major Project

Why Case Reporting is Important in Homeopathy – An Interview with Prof. Dr. C. Nayak

Popular Writing in Homeopathy

Isupporthomeopathy – A Global Campaign on World Homeopathy Day

Studies to be Read (Abstracts of peer-reviewed publications during Jan – March 2018)

Fundamental Research

  • Physicochemical Investigations of Homeopathic Preparations: A Systematic Review and Bibliometric Analysis Part 1
  • Development of Software for Automatic Analysis of Intervention in the Field of Homeopathy.
  • Phosphorus protects cardiac tissue by modifying the immune response in rats infected by Trypanosoma cruzi.
  • Formulation and biological actions of nano-bioglass ceramic particles doped with Calcarea phosphorica for bone tissue engineering.
  • Degree of Response to Homeopathic Potencies Correlates with Dipole Moment Size in Molecular Detectors: Implications for Understanding the Fundamental Nature of Serially Diluted and Succussed Solutions
  • Evidence that Extreme Dilutions of Paclitaxel and Docetaxel Alter Gene Expression of In Vitro Breast Cancer Cells

Clinical Research

  • Efficacy of Arsenicum album 30cH in preventing febrile episodes following DPT-HepB-Polio vaccination – a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial.
  • Efficacy and tolerability of a complex homeopathic drug in children suffering from dry cough-A double-blind, placebo-controlled, clinical trial.
  • Semi-Individualized Homeopathy Add-On Versus Usual Care Only for Premenstrual Disorders: A Randomized, Controlled Feasibility Study.
  • Case Reports of Acne and Homeopathy.
  • Usefulness of classical homeopathy for the prophylaxis of recurrent urinary tract infections in individuals with chronic neurogenic lower urinary tract dysfunction.


  • Bias and misleading concepts in an Arnica research study. Comments to improve experimental Homeopathy
  • Arnica montana experimental studies: confounders and biases?
  • Experimental neuropharmacology of Gelsemium sempervirens: Recent advances and debated issues.
  • The N-of-1 Clinical Trial: A Timely Research Opportunity in Homeopathy.

Public Health

  • Homeopathy Use in the United States and Implications for Public Health: A Review.

Literary Research

  • Homeopathic Dilutions, Hahnemann Principles, and the Solvent Issue: Must We Address Ethanol as a “Homeopathic” or a “Chemical” Issue?

Research Quotes by IPRH

Interview of Dr. Saurav Arora by Dr. Isabelle Grote

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