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Special Issue – Research Updates – Homeopathy Volume 7 Issue 1 (2018)

Special Issue: Research Updates – Homeopathy Volume 7, Issue 1 IPRH – Seven Years and Counting Passion is what drives us ahead What is research in homeopathy all about? We talk of research, but where to find that research? Is there any way to link researchers and clinicians? Homeopathic research is expanding, is there any way […]

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Writing Popular Articles in Homeopathy: Things You Need to Keep in Mind

Popular writing in Homeopathy – What is So Popular in This? Below are some of the excerpts of the lecture by Dr. Saurav Arora on Popular Writing in Homeopathy delivered at Bakson Homoeopathic Medical College and Homeopathy, Greater NOIDA on 15th March 2018. The writing always has a purpose and this depends upon our outlook […]

IPRH Updates Research Updates-Homeopathy

Research Updates – Homeopathy, Volume 6, Issue 4 (2017) is Online Now

I would like to wish IPRH readers a very happy and prosperous New Year 2018. The year 2017 has been an important year for Homeopathy. In this year we witnessed some of the best research studies so far, some of the strongest allegations, mutually agreed international projects and most importantly political turmoil at international level. […]

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Homeopathy and Malaria Research: Peer-Reviewed Excerpts and Links

Malaria is a clinical and economical threat! Every year millions of people suffer from this simple yet dreaded disease. There is a dire need to search the ideal treatment of this condition, and homeopathy can be one of them. Below are the excerpts and links of some of the major peer-reviewed works related to malaria […]

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Interim Survey Update and Request: How much we dispense as a Single Dose

Quantification of a Single Dose in Routine Clinical Practice – A Descriptive, Opinion based Survey by IPRH Dear friends and respected colleagues, The Initiative to Promote Research in Homeopathy (IPRH) has undertaken a survey on, “How much we dispense as a Single Dose?” To best of my knowledge we are in dire need of such realistic […]

IPRH Updates Survey

Survey: How Much We Dispense As A Dose?

Quantification of Dose in Routine Clinical Practice – A Descriptive, Opinion based Survey by IPRH Preamble This survey is knowing about Quantification of a Single Dose in routine clinical practice. This survey does not inquire about Your prescription pattern i.e. single dose, or multiple doses etc. (repetition) Potency selection criteria. Polypharmacy and patents specific practice. […]

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The Unconventional Use of Ultra High (Homeopathic) Dilutions

Quick Research Byte The realm of ultra high dilutions has expanded from merely being used in homeopathy (clinical use of UHDs = Homeopathy). The use of UHDs have been experimented in various fields such as Agronomy, Veterinary, Dentistry, Public Health Care system etc., but lately their application has a new avenue to be experimented upon. […]