IPRH supports Release The First Report Campaign

Recently, we have been informed about the “Release the First Report Campaign” under the “Your Health Your Choice’, campaign in Australia which got a huge success!

The Initiative to Promote Research in Homeopathy supports the campaign and ask your support too, to make it a success!

Why this Campaign?


  • Do you know that NHMRC carried out its review of Homeopathy TWICE?
  • Do you know that it BURIED any evidence of the first Report?


The Australian Government research Institute, NHMRC, made headlines with their 2015 report declaring Homeopathy to be ineffective for any condition. What NHMRC never told anyone was that the report they published was not their original findings. It was the SECOND attempt. The FIRST report they produced was completely buried. Then they did the whole thing again and published the SECOND report. Read the full article at  releasethefirstreport.com.

Join the growing number of people around the world calling for the NHMRC to release the FIRST report.

The public has a right to know the TRUTH, and for this organizers, need our help!

Share this link with as many people as possible, from as many countries as possible, to sign up to the campaign on releasethefirstreport.com.

Sign up at www.releasethefirstreport.com/join-the-campaign

Connect with the campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

‘Release the First Report’ builds on its sister campaign, ‘Your Health Your Choice’, launched last summer which achieved huge success, generating over 87,000 signatures in Australia.

Now it’s time to go global!


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